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I am back to manzeal.com after long time. Its now again time to review wholesale markets and this time I have done a market study on Gas Lighter. Gas Lighter the hot selling product its basic requirement of every kitchen. We bring to you wholesale gas lighters price.

The demand of any type of gas lighter is directly related to the use of domestic gas connections by various household in the country. However, users go in for various types of gas lighting devices i.e.  matches, electrical or electronic gas lighter. The preference to use electronic gas lighters is quite high because of its inherent advantages. Even existing gas users have been increasingly switching over to electronic gas lighters.



A gas lighter has replaced match box is what everyone knows but hardly few knows cost parameter of the two. When me with manzeal team took up the case study we were shocked and amazed too after the case study was done. I am 100% sure the readers too would be amazed on the findings.

We studied the wholesale market price v/s. the retail market price.

General Types of Lighters available in Market, by general type we mean fast selling gas lighters:

1. Full PVC Lighters

2. Full Stainless Steel  Lighters

3. Mild Steel Lighters

4. Regular Lighters with M.S. body and PVC Handle


Retail Prices V/s. Wholesale Price for the above lighters online as well as offline.

1. Full PVC Lighters – This lighters are fully made up of PVC the retail price is between Rs. 150 – 200.

Wholesale Price: Rs. 25

2. Full Stainless Steel Lighters – This lighters are fully made up of Stainless Steel. This are little costlier as compared to others. Generally sold between Rs. 150 – Rs. 225.

Wholesale Price: Rs. 22

3. Mild Steel Lighters – Made from Mild Steel. Retail Price is approx. Rs. 75 – 125

Wholesale Price: Rs. 18

4. Regular Lighters with Mild Steel Body and PVC Handle. Retail Price is approx. Rs. 75 – 125

Wholesale Price: Rs. 9

All the above lighters comes with Imported Piezo-electric crystal. Piezo-electric crystal has a property to generate voltage when it is mechanically deformed. It generates high voltage across a spark gap which when in proximity to a gas would ignite it.

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