We have on offer Printer Toner Consumables @ Wholesale Price.

Below is the list of Consumables for 12A & 103/303 Printer Toner with price for reference. In case you have any requirement for other consumables you can contact us and we will help you to source them.

OPC Drum



OPC Drum: Rs. 88/- (Green drum not OEM. It is best quality drum. OEM drums are generally blue in colour and cheaper than Green drum)
PCR: Rs. 50/-
Magnet: Rs. 55/-
Doctor Blade: Rs. 33/-
Wiper Blade: Rs. 33/-
Ink Powder 120 grams: 95/-
Ink Powder 100 grams: 75/-

Above Price for Minimum 10 pcs. each. Please note this is wholesale price. Courier & Handling Charges as applicable.

We can also help you in sourcing complete 12A toner. Complete toner comes with a Air Bag and Box.

Price for complete recycled toner with box and Air Bag Rs. 550/- | MOQ: 6 pcs. Sold on various market place @ Rs. 999/-

Price for complete recycled toner without box Rs. 499/- | MOQ: 6 pcs. 

Courier & Handling Charges as applicable.

For more details about the market you can get in touch with me by contact us and I will reply you soon or else for sourcing any product from this market visit sourcing page or click here.

To buy products at wholesale prices visit our wholesale shop at Wholesale Shop.

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