As per routine Manzeal Team brings you yet another wholesale market. This time its something aromatic. We bring to you a wholesale market for Flowers. Wholesale market flowers.



Phool Gully, located at Dadar (West) is popular for all kinds of flowers starting from a common flower like Mogra to Roses to Gerberas to carnations to orchid to LAXMI Kamal (Lotus). The market also has wide range of flowers to offer for Pooja (Prayer) like Tulsi Leaves. Market is flooded with all kind of Roses viz. white, pink, red, yellow, etc. and various kinds of flowers, Garlands & Bouquets.


One can find dealers having a small kiosk, a store or big stores selling multiple products (flowers). Sight of hawkers is very common on both side of road giving the market a chaotic look. The market starts at 5 am and the busy hours of market is 5 am to 11.30 am this is the period when all the retail vendors visit the market. Rest of the time it is open for the ultimate customers.


On inquiry with the vendors there we learned that many online flower bouquets selling websites source flowers from here to cater to their Mumbai market specially. Also majority of hawkers selling flowers in and around Mumbai source flowers from this market. The market operates at reasonable profit margin. We learned that a small size bouquets having 5-6 flowers will cost about Rs. 60 – 80 while they are sold in retail at around Rs. 120 – 160. Similarly Medium size bouquets of 12 Pink Roses with seasonal fillers wrapped in cellophane with a ribbon bow will cost around Rs. 180 while they are sold online and offline at about Rs. 349 – 399.


Similarly large size bouquets with about 20 fresh yellow roses will cost about Rs. 280 – Rs. 300 which is sold at Rs. 500 – Rs. 550 in retail market. It was bought to our notice that the prices of flowers fluctuates with change in season and also on law of demand and supply. For e.g. during the month of February the prices of red rose shoot up due to heavy demand on occasion of Valentines Day.

How to Reach Phool Gully?
Market is very close to Dadar Station. Just stepping out of Dadar (West) station you will find yourself in the flower market. Dadar is a popular station on Western Line.

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