My first visit to wholesale market for manzeal.com

I have been to Manish Market several times with my cousin with a motive to understand business of Chinese Electronic Products. This was for the first time I visited for Manzeal.

If you go to Manish Market, every time you will find different types of fancy products which are all from China. Regular products available there are Mosquito Killing Rackets, MP3 Players, Digital Displays, LCD Screens, Fancy Lights, Crockery & bone china items, etc. On the way to Manish Market, you will find a market for Hardware & other electrical products known as the Lauhar Chawl. (I will discuss about it in detail in another blog post) Other products you will find there are Air Pillows, toys, Mobile Phones, Mobile phone accessories like battery, handsfree, bluetooth doggle, bluetooth ear piece, memory card, cover, screen guard and many other fancy products which you may have not seen before.



This market is only a wholesale market. If the people in this market gauge that you are retail customer, they tend to offer you a retail price. So, only retailers who buy in bulk get a better deal. Since I was with my cousin, who happens to be trading in Chinese Products, I could learn many a things about the price of such products. Chinese Cell Phone ranges between Rs. 1500 – Rs. 3000, with IMEI number, Mp3 player with memory card slot expandable upto 4 GB and no inbuilt memory ranges between Rs. 165 – 180, depending upon the quantity and bargaining skill you have. We bought 20 such Mp3 players @ Rs. 165 each. This Mp3 Players are sold at Rs. 300 – 450 on various e-commerce portals. Market price of Memory Cards (SD, Micro SD, etc.) is as good as oil & sugar prices, it keeps on fluctuating daily. Currently 2GB Micro SD card is available at Rs. 220. And yes, all these products are available at drastically low prices; but again, it does not carry any guarantee or warranty.

Lot of other things to know there. Here’s the secret of Manish Market. Manish Market (the building) itself is a retail market. The actual wholesale market is behind the building where dealers sit in open space or in a store made of thick plastic, the temporary stores. They just have a table and a wireless landline phone or a cell phone for communicating with other dealers. They have a common godown, where all the dealers store their products.



The market is very dynamic and the most important part is that you should have a good negotiation skill or else they may easily cheat you.

Reaching Manish Market:

The nearest station on Western Railway is Marine Lines. From Marine Lines it is approximately a 15 minutes walk. Walking is more suitable rather than going by Cab as one can also find various other markets on the way to Manish Market.

For more details about the market you can get in touch with me by posting a comment and I will reply you soon or else for sourcing any product from this market visit sourcing page or click here.

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