Diwali- Festival of light, the basic definition. Lights- Traditionally earthen lamp with a cotton wick in and around the corners of house reflected the mood of the festival. This has now been replaced with electric lights and colorful candles. Nevertheless the meaning – Rows of light remains intact.

This has opened a lot of earning opportunities for many, as these manufacturing activities related to lightning is well developed. Manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer cash in on this opportunity.

Team Manzeal, to add fervor to this festive spirit visited Manish market, Crawford market, Lohar Chawl, Sarang Street. All this Wholesale markets are flooded and overcrowded with varieties of gifting items, candles, electric lighting from Indian and Chinese markets.

To provide the complete picture we have divided the visit into 3 parts each focusing on Candles, Electric lights and Gifting Options so the people associated with each business gets handsome information on the products.

To start with Candles:

This Wholesale Markets has varieties including wax candles, scented candles, Gel candles and LED candles. We approached many wholesalers and traders and researched the best wholesale prices. There are many sellers who claim to be wholesaler but are actually retailers where you wouldn’t find the best price. The real wholesalers from whom retailers source were too busy to even answer the query. Yet we have managed to find for you the wholesale rates which along with pictures are listed below.

candle_set_9      candle_set_14 candle_set_15     candle_set_16 candle_set_21     LED_candles_multi_colour LED_candles_single_colour     pencil_jelly_candles

All This products are sold in retail market in almost double price. Selling these products at a 50-60% margin on cost price would be a fair deal for retailers. You can purchase these candles from our online store visit http://wholesaledock.com or click here to visit Diwali Special Section of the site for more information and buying online at wholesale price.

All these products are available in and around Manish market, Crawford market and Sarang Street. Just board a Cab from Churchgate or CST Station and enjoy huge profits this in festival of lights.

In our next article we will further write about Diwali Gifting Items, Electric Lighting’s and series specially for Diwali.

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