Lohar Chawl, located at Marine Lines in Mumbai is wholesale market for Electrical & Hardware. The market is dominated by Marwari’s & Bhori’s. Majority of the business owners are from these two communities.


Lohar Chawl is the wholesale market for Electrical, Hardware, Tools, Home Appliances & Chandeliers. You can find all the items starting from a electric bulb, CFL to electric motors and lot many things. Market for these products is highly concentrated in Lohar Chawl and is divided into different lanes.

You can find small stalls to large stores selling these items. There are certain stores that sells only products of particular brand while there are some other stores that sells single product of various brands & make.

The retail business of electrical, hardware & tools operate between 20% – 40% margin while that of chandeliers operates between 50% – 70% which is quite good profit margin. To give you example Electric Tester is available between Rs. 3 to Rs. 25, CFL 20 Watts (Surya Brand) is available at Rs. 105 while the MRP is Rs. 150.


Other products like Soldering Iron is available at Rs. 45 which is sold at Rs. 70 in retail. Conceal Fittings (for homes & office) 36 Watt PL is available at Rs. 180 which is sold for Rs. 220 in retail, Water Geyser is available at Rs. 750 (branded) which is sold at Rs. 1000. Few more examples Electric Iron starts at Rs. 160, door bell starts at Rs. 30, Extension board starts at Rs. 15 while the ceiling fan starts at Rs. 450.

Other Product available there are Chandeliers & lights for home decoration. Various fancy lights, both Indian & Imported are available. Hand Tools & Other Hardware items have also found place in this market. You ask for anything in hardware and is available there.


How to Reach Lohar Chawl?

The nearest station on Western Railway is Marine Lines. From Marine Lines it is approximately a 15 minutes walk. Walking is more suitable rather than going by Cab as one can also find various other markets on the way to Lohar Chawl.

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