Celebration of Diwali remains incomplete without sharing of gifts. Gifting sweets, home and kitchen needs, Fashion accessories is a general trend. Now a day, with so any online portals coming up, the task is achieved on click of few buttons. Our website wholesaledock.com being one of them.

Team Manzeal’s visit to wholesale markets was quite fruitful. You can find many gifting articles in the category of home and kitchen appliance, daily needs product, plastic and porcelain ware, beauty products, frames and photos. Wholesalers of these products are scattered and located in lanes of Abdul Rehman Street, Sarang Street, Jhanjikar Street, Masjid Bunder. You’ll find many wholesale dealers of plastic ware around the lanes of Masjid. Also seller of toys and imported goods are present in the lanes behind Manish market.

We researched few product’s wholesale rates and their retail selling price. These products are in huge demand during festive season.

Dry Fruit Boxes:

Rajsthani Dry Fruit Box:  Retail Price Rs. 600-650 | Wholesale Rates 255/-

Rajasathani_box             Rajasathani_box

Silver finish Pagoda: Retail Price: 400/- | Wholesale Price: Rs. 155/-


Sitara Dry Fruit Box: Retail Price: Rs. 375-425/- | Wholesale Price: Rs. 185/-

sitara_box_2         sitara_box_1

All these products were of superior quality. You would also find low budget products in each of the category. Purchasing should be made keeping in mind the type of customer you have and the products sold in shops around your locality.

We were amazed to see retailers from Interiors of Maharashtra and Gujarat queuing up in these stores. Goods from these traders gets distributed in many states of India. Hope you benefit in a little way from this article on gifting options. Next we’ll come up with article of Diwali lighting.

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