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I was searching for markets that could help visitors of this blog. My mind ran through many ideas, finally I thought of writing on Abdul Rehman Street. It is also know as A. R. Street. Abdul Rehman Street Located near Marine Lines (station on western railway) is a wholesale market for School & Office Supplies. This one is close to Manish Market about which I have already written earlier.


I have been to this market many times. Its a place from where your local stationery shop keeper buys all the supplies. Products available here ranges from small pin to electronic toys. There are shops selling your school books, pencils, pens, erasers, school bags, water bottles, etc. Some store have strict rules that they don’t sell single unit of any product. These stores usually have boards on the door saying “Only Wholesale, No Retail”. They do not entertain retail clients.

One thing I discovered is that margins in stationery retail ranges anywhere between 20% – 40% which is fairly good margin as far as retail trade is concerned… I think this is why Anupam Stationery entered into retail business. To give you example a refill of Techno Tip pens cost you Rs. 3.20 while the MRP is Rs. 4, while the pen cost you Rs. 7.5 while the MRP is Rs. 10. This is not all, you also get products like water bottles, school bags, pencil box, tiffin boxes, etc. at 40% less price then what you get from your local stationery seller. Lets take another example of Currency Notes Counting Machine its available at price of Rs. 5000 – 6000 (table top model) in local stationery while there it is available at Rs. 3500 – 4000.



Other products that may be of interest to you is toys for children of all age groups. Toys of various variety like soft toys, educational toys, electronic toys, toys for babies, video games, mechanical toys, and many others are available here. You think of any stationery, school or office supplies its all available at this place. Products like gift wrappers, office files, stamp pads, ink, diaries, year planners, instruments for engineering course and you will find everything that is available in stationery stores.

How to Reach A. R. Street
The nearest station on Western Railway is Marine Lines. From Marine Lines it is approximately a 15 minutes walk. Walking is more suitable rather than going by Cab as one can also find various other markets on the way to Abdul Rehman Street.

For more details about the market you can get in touch with me by posting a comment and I will reply you soon or else for sourcing any product from this market visit sourcing page or click here.

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